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Empowering premier Health Coaches with cutting-edge competence in Functional Medicine Know-How and the
Confidence to use it Boldly.

Are you on fire with passion for helping people heal but feel like you “don’t know enough” yet to help them get BIG results?

Do you want to take your clinical know-how to the next level but struggle to find time for research and study?

Do you look for clinical details on-line and yet question what resources you can really trust?

Are you ready to stop struggling to find new clients and have them anxiously tracking you down instead?

My name is Tracy Harrison.  I am blessed to be a wildly successful health counselor. You can – and deserve – to be one too. And I can help you make that happen. I offer easy-to-understand clinical education anchored in functional medicine and proven client support remedies to rocket motivated health counselors to a fully-loaded practice with wildly-satisfied clients.

I do not provide business or marketing expertise. I provide clinical expertise that will bring your clients such fantastic results that they will be inspired to do most of your marketing for you.

Most of our students are health coaches, but they have very diverse backgrounds….from nurse practitioners, nurses, and physicians to yoga instructors, therapists, and bodywork specialists.  No special background or credential is required for our programs.  What we all have in common is a deep thirst to apply more clinical depth and functional medicine knowledge in helping clients to truly get to the root cause of their challenges.

You will learn to work with clients on hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, IBS, cancer, asthma, multiple sclerosis, acid reflux, allergies, lupus, menopause, and many others – with confidence.

You choose the topics based on what you want to know.

I will teach you about symptoms, physiology, medications, supplements, labwork, and common medical myths and misunderstandings.  Most importantly, I’ll share it with you in a way that’s easy to understand.  All of the clinical pearls of functional medicine without all the complex biochemistry.  Plus, I’ll provide Q&A access on-line, so you’re sure to get the support you need.   And you’ll even get client handouts ready to go.

Probably like you, my life was transformed when I discovered health coaching.  I finally connected with my greatest passion and purpose!  I was inspired by teachings from so many wellness pioneers, functional medicine physicians, and health leaders.  My coaching practice “Eat on Purpose” was born, and I threw myself into it 100%.  But as I started working with clients, I realized I needed to keep aggressively building my knowledge to help them get truly breakthrough results.  My health coach training prepared me well to help clients to a certain basic degree, but I wanted to take my service to a much higher level.  I wanted to help people to truly find healing!

Before going to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2006, I spent 17 years in high-tech science, and my life-long passions are chemistry and biochemistry.  Since IIN, I have voraciously continued my education in biochemistry, functional medicine, physiology, and the therapeutic role of nutrients in healing.  You will be amazed to learn how often a supposedly life-long problem for your client is actually caused by a handful of very specific, simple nutrient deficiencies or imbalances.  Or how often severe, chronic illness and disease are caused by food sensitivities or toxins or persistent infections.

You can help your clients to achieve much greater results than you might have imagined!  You just need the knowledge and the confidence to make it happen.  Here’s just a sample of what I and many WSHC-trained coaches have helped our clients to achieve:

  • Reversing Type II diabetes
  • Coming off of cholesterol-lowering medication and raising their protective HDL levels
  • Getting rid of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications
  • Reversing hypertension
  • Eliminating life-long constipation or headaches or eczema
  • Reversing IBS
  • Stopping the need for immunosuppressants in autoimmune disease
  • Stopping acid reflux forever and coming off the meds
  • Eliminating chronic weight gain and fatigue by fixing sluggish thyroids
  • Eliminating chronic low energy or joint pains or tremors or congestion
  • Losing weight and keeping it off by raising their metabolism.

I have spent thousands of hours understanding how to achieve these results – and proving it can be done with my own clients (and yes, I still support clients as a coach every week – just like you!).  There is no need for you to repeat the same exhausting experience.  With Wildly Successful, I share this clinical knowledge and proven business-building approach with thousands of other health counselors.  Why?  Because it’s my service to the world.  My way of paying it forward.  My own health counseling practice is overflowing with clients – and has been for years.  Even with a staff of coaches working for me, we still have an ongoing waiting list.  There is tremendous demand for what health coaches offer the world, especially those premier health coaches offering true clinical depth.  We merely need to say Yes! to the opportunity – to the belief in our own unlimited capability.

My deepest belief is that health coaches will completely change the face of healthcare.  Over 100,000 Clinical Health Coaches will also have completely full practices with waiting lists.  This transformation is not a wish.  It is happening.  Now.   I can help you to rocket yourself to being a wildly successful health counselor.  And together, we will serve millions of people.  You CAN do this.

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